The Tea Party Theocracy

I had a fun e-mail interaction with the Tea Party of Kentucky, copy and pasted without edit below.  I wrote them originally in response to an effort they are making to get “god back in schools.” My first missive through their web site was just a polite “No.”  The Tea Party response follows.

I find it amusing that groups like this decry poverty, violence and, sexually transmitted diseases.  They blame atheists and liberals, yet they oppose any and all efforts to reduce poverty, teach sex education or reduce violence through education and opportunity.  These people (and this ideology) causes the problems they try to lay at the door of secular humanists. At they same time, they oppose government, unless they are trying to use it to force religion on unbelievers. It would be funny if it weren’t sick.

The e-mail chain:

Dear Ed,

We received your message telling us that you want to keep religion out of schools.God was in our schools for over 200 years. When the radical anti-God people kicked him out:
1) Teen pregnancy went up 500%.
2) VD went up 226%
3) Violent crime went up 544%
4) SAT scores went down for 18 years in a row while before that it had never gone down more than 2 years in a row.

Our petition is to restore the student’s religious freedom given in the 1st Amendment. The bill would not have teacher led prayer but students would be allowed to pray if they wish to do so as well as speak about their faith.

Frank G. Simon, MD, Director
American Family Association of Kentucky
PO Box 8089
Louisville, KY 40257
Email: Website:
Phone: (502) 893-2444
FAX: (502) 897-2426

Dr. Simon,

Correlation does not imply causation. As an educated man, you should recognize logical fallacy when you use it.  To debunk your points:
1. We lie to our children about sex through “Abstinence Education.” In short you are to blame for increased STDs
2. If God in government is a good idea, why are ALL modern theocracies utter failures?
3. Right wing political ideology (that you espouse) causes the violence and poverty that you decry.

But I appreciate your response, and I look forward to thwarting your efforts at every opportunity.
Kind Regards,
Edwin Lyngar

Humanist, American and father of five little atheists.

About Edwin Lyngar

Edwin Lyngar is a writer and author living in Reno, Nevada. He graduated from Antioch University in 2010 with his MFA in creative writing and also holds an MA in Writing from the University of Nevada Reno. He is published often in boating trade publications, and he blogs about religion, politics, circumcision, drug reform and just about anything else that might piss off your mom. He is married to Joy Lyngar, and has five children from ages 3 to 18. He is in the process of finding a home for his first book, a memoir, titled Guy Parts.
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3 Responses to The Tea Party Theocracy

  1. Ronald Kappes says:

    I couldn’t have said it better. Keep up the good work Ed.

  2. miguel says:

    I could not agree with you more. It is ussually pointless with individuals and groups caught on dogma, but it never hurts to put forth some factual data to support those things. I.E after implementing an abstinence only sex ed approach in schools, the state of texas now leads the states in teenage pregnancy.

    :) keep up the work, for there is much of it to do

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